Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rev Run... Always on point

I havent been up to online/emailing/blogging the past week because of things going on in my personal world... Today I was playing catch up and came across this W.O.W from Rev Run...Damn this was so on point w/ what I am going thru! I found wisdom and encouragement from this which was uplifting to my spirits.


Self Examination -- Words of Wisdom -- November 7, 2008

Good morning. Where are you physically, mentally, spiritually and financially? Examine yourself!.... If you reeeeeally tell the truth you'll find HAPPINESS and not an unhappy mess... (Remember) Happy are those who understand that if you torture data long enough, it will tell you anything you want!.....

You cannot correct what you refuse to confront!

God is Love
Rev Run

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