Friday, October 10, 2008

Rev Runs Words of Wisdom 10/10/08

I love Rev Runs Words of Wisdom… I start off each morning reading his passages. 9/10 it always relates to something I am feeling and/or the current events of the time. A little history lesson about how Rev Runs W.O. W came to be. Rev Run began sending these passages only to friends and fam on his own contact list years ago. Then it became popular when he started concluding each episode of Runs House with a passage. Now, you can subscribe to receive your own everday at I am not going to post every W.O.W. I receive just the ones that I feel make the most sense at the particular time… Starting with today’s: Trusting in Uncertain Riches


Friday, October 10, 2008
Good morning. With today's economy, one would be foolish to trust in his or her own power... Being in covenant with God is the only way to be at peace.. (Remember) Heaven is not in a recession! Pray... Put your trust in God! The scripture says... Forget not The Lord Thy God for it is HE who giveth thee the power to get wealth...

God is LoveRev Run

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