Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Forget Netflix… It’s Redbox on mines!


Have you been passing this big red machine in your local grocery stores lately thinking “hmmm... naw”? Let me put you on to game. $1 a movie! Need I say more?

I get the Netflix convenience of ordering from home, but I say, unless you’re too blind, cripple or crazy to leave the house… $1 compared to $8.99 is a better deal (depending on how many movies you watch a month). They have new & old releases just like Netflix or your local video store. And, with the $$ you save, now you can slide through Mc Dowell’s drive thru, pick up a few items off the $1 menu, call over some friends and have a great (low budget) movie party! Another good thing about Redbox is you can return the movies to any Redbox location. So say you got the movie over here… but you’re waaaaayyyy over there; no worries, just slide in to your nearest Redbox location, hit the “Return DVD” button … Poof! Magic! You’re done!

Yes, this was random… But hey, it’s a recession, every little bit helps! Lol.

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