Friday, February 20, 2009

Snapple Music Fact:

This is not a Jackson 5 song… In case you were sadly mistaken. I had a debate with someone on the issue recently and of course I was right because I know my * ish!

The aforementioned song “Misdemeanor” was originally recorded by The Foster Sylvers, 1973. The Sylvers were a popular R&B/soul and disco family group in the 1970s from Memphis, Tennessee. Rapper, D.O.C. sampled this song on his 1989 hit, “Its Funky Enough”. (Do you know who produced this remake?)

Just a little Soul Classic 101 for you all… If you know who the Foster Sylvers aka The Sylvers are then you’ve already got an A on this assignment. Class dismissed!

P.S. Listen to their other hits, “Fools Paradise” & “Cry of a Dreamer”. Those would be some good samples to use, for producers tired of hearing and remixing the same old ones. **Just a thought** :o)

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